Coating Systems

We are the exclusive supplier of O-ring coatings for Coating Systems, helping the rubber industry save time and money through the best solutions.

Working looking over an industrial conveyor belt
O-rings on a medical device

Partnership With Coating Systems

Coating Systems is one the top coating companies in North America, and we’re proud to partner with them to supply O-ring coatings.


EPA compliance with PTFE-free O-ring coatings, ease of release, low transfer rate, durability, and released costs for your industrial processes.

Blue O-rings of different sizes


Contact us for O-ring coatings that help improve your dynamic seals. Our products outperform Teflon™ PTFE-based coatings by an order of magnitude in critical areas such as coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, color brightness, and painting/printability. We can show you datasets and technical documents.