O-Ring Coatings

We offer three main O-ring coating solutions, each with improving degrees of performance depending on your needs.

Blue O-rings of different sizes


Our EZ 513 family of O-ring surface treatments outperform Teflon™ PTFE coatings by an order of magnitude in five critical areas of coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, color brightness, and painting/printability

Beaded water on a green background


Permanent, hard fluoropolymer coating with physical and chemical resistance superior to Teflon™ PTFE.

Beakers and flasks filled with clear liquid


Silazane fluoropolymer with enhanced chemical resistance.

Drop of clear liquid splashing


Silazane fluoropolymer, PTFE-free, with the highest chemical resistance.

White liquid in a test tube


Continuous research and development for specialized, demanding applications.


Contact us for O-ring coatings that help improve your dynamic seals. Our products outperform Teflon™ PTFE-based coatings by an order of magnitude in several critical areas. We can show you datasets and technical documents ahead of your trial runs.