Who We Serve

Our team provides better O-ring coatings for improved static and dynamic sealing applications in four main industries.

Two people looking at an industrial screen


We serve four main industries with our O-ring coatings to deliver solutions that outperform Teflon™ PTFE in five critical areas. Our family of EZ-513 surface treatments increasingly have better chemical resistance depending on your requirements.

Heavy equipment on an assembly line

Heavy Equipment

Construction, mining, industrial, and manufacturing equipment, including hydraulics.

Liquid bottles on a conveyor belt

Food Manufacturing

Keeping liquids safe from contamination when you need sterile environments.

Rocket turbine manufacturing


O-ring failures cannot happen in the aerospace industry, period. O-ring coatings shore up your liquid transfers in harsh conditions.

Petroleum refinery


Industrial equipment for petroleum extraction and refinement must withstand all types of chemical intrusions to perform at optimum levels.


Contact us for O-ring coatings that help improve your dynamic seals. Our products outperform Teflon™ PTFE-based coatings by an order of magnitude in critical areas such as coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, color brightness, and painting/printability. We can show you datasets and technical documents.