What Are Metal Detectable O-Rings & How Are They Used? 

Pile of O-Rings on a White Background

Metal-detectable O-rings are a key tool in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and electronics manufacturing. EZ-Coating explains how these parts prevent contamination by metal particles and the industries in which they’re used.  What Are Metal-Detectable O-rings?  A metal-detectable O-ring is a sealing ring commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. These O-rings are […]

Your Guide to Measuring and Re-Sizing O-Rings

A Person measures the diameter of an O-ring

O-rings are crucial components in various industries, serving as reliable seals in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Ensuring their optimal performance is critical to preventing leaks and maintaining efficiency.  In this blog, the team at EZ Coating shares how to measure, stretch, and shrink o-rings.  How to Measure O-Rings Accurate measurement is the first step in […]

A Guide: What’s the Best Lubricant for O-rings? 

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Coatings and lubricants can increase the life of your O-rings and boost their performance. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best lubricant for your O-rings.  EZ Coating knows choosing a suitable lubricant is crucial for your application’s success.  Finding the Right Lubricant Selecting the appropriate lubricant for […]

What are Food-Grade O-Rings?

Juices on a conveyor belt in a manufacturing building

We all expect the food on our plates to be high-quality and safe.  Whether a manufacturer, distributor, or consumer, you rely on the industry to maintain strict standards and regulations. Food-grade o-rings play a pivotal role in this process. In this blog, EZ Coating explains food-grade O-rings and their applications in the food industry. What […]

Understanding O-Ring Coatings for Extreme Environments

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Industrial O-rings must withstand extreme environments in some applications. Oil derricks in the middle of the ocean need O-rings to perform in underwater pressures and temperatures. Aerospace companies need O-rings to stay sealed in an environment where temperatures and pressures can change quickly as engines get hot while the outside conditions are frigid. O-rings for […]

How to Calculate Maximum O-Ring Cross-Sectional Thickness

Measuring an O-Ring

The physical properties of O-rings determine how well your industrial equipment can maintain seals through every motion. If your O-rings don’t have the right materials or don’t fit, there is no way they will perform the way you need them to. One often overlooked aspect of your O-ring selection is cross-sectional thickness. Learn more with […]

Explaining the Chemistry of Silazane’s Coating Performance

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Silazanes have emerged as a powerful coating option for O-rings due to their ability to bond with fluoropolymers to cover substrates in various hardness levels. In this guide, we go over the chemistry behind silazanes and fluoropolymers.  What Are Silazanes? Silazanes are a class of inorganic compounds that consist of a silicon atom bonded to […]

Maximizing Your O-Ring Seal Performance: Tips to Prevent Failure

Industrial Equipment Assembling Car Frames

Are you looking for ways to improve an o-ring seal’s performance? We’ll give your team some tips on how to improve your O-ring seals so that your industrial equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.  Understanding the Basics of O-Ring Seals An O-ring seal is achieved through compression of the O-ring, which forces it to expand and […]

Minimizing the Risk of Industrial Injuries With O-Ring Coatings

Industrial Pipes and Tractor Parts

Did you know that O-ring coatings can do more than save money by reducing labor costs and downtime with your industrial processes? The right O-ring coatings keep your equipment from leaking, which, in turn, can prevent industrial accidents. We understand that safety begins with a mindset and putting safety first in every task at your […]

Comparing the Effectiveness of Various O-Ring Coatings in Harsh Environments

Green O-Rings

O-ring coatings serve as protective layers that help your industrial equipment last longer. These coatings can prevent abrasion, chemical attack, and temperature fluctuations that may degrade the O-ring material and compromise the seal, either over time or suddenly and catastrophically. Our experts discuss the effectiveness of various O-ring coatings in harsh environments. 1. Fluorocarbon (FKM) […]