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Minimizing the Risk of Industrial Injuries With O-Ring Coatings

Did you know that O-ring coatings can do more than save money by reducing labor costs and downtime with your industrial processes? The right O-ring coatings keep your equipment from leaking, which, in turn, can prevent industrial accidents.

We understand that safety begins with a mindset and putting safety first in every task at your facility or job site. But even a tiny leak can cause significant downtime and major injuries.

We’ll explain how O-ring coatings can make your equipment last longer and prevent injuries to your most important assets, your workers.

Common Causes of Industrial Injuries 

Industrial facilities could have many hazards that pose injury risks to workers. Common causes of industrial injuries include slips, trips, falls, electrocution, and exposure to hazardous materials. Despite your best efforts to implement safety measures and training programs, these hazards remain a concern. 

O-rings play a significant role in sealing joints and preventing leaks. But leaks can be a major cause for alarm when liquids spill onto the floor. Not only could someone slip, even with non-slip footwear, but if the liquid comes in contact with electrical equipment, it could cause a short or shock someone. Flammable liquids or VOCs getting near a heat source could lead to explosions. Even non-toxic liquids like water can pose serious threats to worker safety. Even steam suddenly escaping from a tube due to O-ring failure can become problematic.

How O-Ring Coatings Can Help Prevent Industrial Accidents

You already invest in high-performance O-rings to keep your equipment in top shape. O-ring coatings make the seals last longer by improving abrasion resistance and lowering the coefficient of friction.

Preventing Slips & Falls

Slips and falls caused by leaks or spills represent one major cause of injuries in an industrial setting. O-ring coatings help prevent these types of accidents by providing a tight seal that prevents leaks from occurring. Coatings such as Teflon or PTFE provide a non-stick surface that resists the buildup of dirt and debris that can cause reduced efficiency of the O-rings, making them last longer and giving you a chance to perform regular maintenance before the O-ring seals become a problem.

Hazardous materials and VOCs signify another concern for industrial facilities. O-ring coatings can help protect workers from these hazards by providing a solid barrier against chemicals that can degrade O-rings over time. Coatings such as Viton or EPDM resist chemicals and can help prevent accidents caused by exposure to corrosive substances.

O-ring coatings can also prevent electrocution. Non-leaking seals protect electrical components from moisture and corrosion. O-ring coatings such as silicone or neoprene can help prevent accidents caused by electrical shock.

Vibration and pressure changes can cause components to shift and fail, leading to accidents. O-ring coatings can help prevent this by providing a secure seal for hoses, even as the machinery vibrates. O-ring coatings such as HNBR or nitrile can help prevent accidents caused by component failure.

O-Ring Surface Treatments by EZ Coating

Our O-ring coatings outperform PTFE in several important factors, such as the coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance, for your industrial equipment.

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