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Comparing the Effectiveness of Various O-Ring Coatings in Harsh Environments

O-ring coatings serve as protective layers that help your industrial equipment last longer. These coatings can prevent abrasion, chemical attack, and temperature fluctuations that may degrade the O-ring material and compromise the seal, either over time or suddenly and catastrophically.

Our experts discuss the effectiveness of various O-ring coatings in harsh environments.

1. Fluorocarbon (FKM) O-Ring Coating

Fluorocarbon (FKM) coatings are known for their excellent resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and solvents. They’re perfect for sealing applications in the aerospace, automotive, and petroleum industries. FKM coatings offer good durability and can help your seals stand up against wear, making them suitable for sealing applications in harsh environments such as petroleum refineries, oil rigs, natural gas extraction, and fuel systems of rockets and jet engines. The best O-ring coatings for extreme environments are silazane fluoropolymers.

2. Polyurethane (PU) O-Ring Coating

Polyurethane O-ring coatings offer excellent abrasion resistance, so they’re ideal for sealing components in applications that involve high wear and tear and quick, repeated movements. PU coatings can repel chemicals, which are outstanding for use in chemical processing industries. However, PU coatings might not withstand high temperatures or exposure to certain chemicals, such as strong acids and alkalis. Consider polyurethane for bulk chemicals for paint, fertilizers, urethanes, and chemical-based coatings. 

3. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) O-Ring Coating

PTFE coatings are known for their low friction and high resistance to chemicals and solvents. They are great for when you need to extend O-ring life against wear and tear, making them ideal for sealing components in harsh environments. PTFE coatings are commonly used in applications involving high temperatures, such as in food processing and aerospace. Some O-ring coatings outperform PTFE by several orders of magnitude.

4. Silicone (VMQ) O-Ring Coating

Silicone coatings are excellent for high temperatures. They can also repel chemicals and withstand exposure to acids and alkalis. However, silicone coatings may not be as durable as other coatings and may degrade over time due to exposure to ozone and UV light. Mining operations, indoor facilities, warehouses, and underground operations can use silicone coatings for O-rings with ease.

5. Nitrile (NBR) O-Ring Coating

Nitrile coatings offer good resistance to oil, fuel, and other hydrocarbons, making them ideal for sealing components in automotive engines as well as oil and gas industries. They also hold up decently against abrasion and can repel certain chemicals. However, nitrile coatings may not be suitable for applications involving high temperatures or exposure to strong acids and alkalis.

O-Ring Surface Treatments by EZ Coating

Our O-ring coatings outperform PTFE in several important factors, such as the coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance, for your industrial equipment.

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