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Understanding O-Ring Coatings for Extreme Environments

Industrial O-rings must withstand extreme environments in some applications. Oil derricks in the middle of the ocean need O-rings to perform in underwater pressures and temperatures. Aerospace companies need O-rings to stay sealed in an environment where temperatures and pressures can change quickly as engines get hot while the outside conditions are frigid. O-rings for welding equipment must hold up when white-hot flames shoot out of the torch.

Find out the best O-ring coatings to use for extreme environments. 

O-Ring Components

Seals might be made of metal or spring-energized seals for the harshest environments. Metal O-rings are made of metal and resist extreme heat and cold as well as corrosion. Meanwhile, spring-energized seals are reinforced with metal on the inside to produce a constant load on the lips of the seal. The springs create a reliable, gas-tight barrier. 

Equipment That Needs Metal or Spring-Energized O-Rings

You’ll find these types of equipment using metal or spring-energized O-rings to seal the connections properly in extreme conditions.

  • Ball Valve Seats
  • Compressors
  • Cryogenic Seals
  • Flanges
  • Joints
  • Pumps
  • Swivels
  • Turbo Pumps
  • Turbo Expanders
  • Valve Stems
  • Valve Bodies
  • Waterless Fracking

For example, high-pressure fuel pumps for aircraft engines must withstand high pressures as the fuel quickly moves from one component to the next when the engine is in operation. Yet the conditions at 30,000 feet in the air differ vastly from ground level. 

Jacket Materials on O-Rings Ideal for Extreme Environments

O-ring jacket materials range from PEEK (rated up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit) and various types of PTFE. Consider Graphite-filled PTFE for dynamic applications and carbon-filled PTFE for high-pressure dynamic applications. Polymer-filled PTFE is a fantastic material for longer service lives.

PFA or FEP O-ring materials with an internal spring are outstanding for resisting chemicals with a temperature range of -420 degrees to +500 degrees Fahrenheit.

O-Ring Coatings to Withstand Extreme Environments

A silazane fluoropolymer is the best choice to coat your O-rings to withstand extreme environments. Silazanes are ideal for bonding with fluoropolymer coatings, and we can tailor them to various hardness levels depending on your application. 

Silazanes also bond the substrate better while improving the O-ring’s chemical, corrosion, and abrasion resistance. These coatings also have an improved coefficient of friction over PTFE alone.

Even if you have a PTFE O-ring that withstands extreme environments, the suitable coating can improve upon that even more. The coatings will reduce the porosity of your rubber O-rings while producing much less friction with dynamic seals.

Consider silazane fluoropolymers for petroleum, hydraulic, acidic, caustic, and refrigerant environments.

Consider an O-Ring Surface Treatment by EZ Coating

Want an effective way to reduce the coefficient of friction to make your industrial equipment last longer in extreme environments? Our O-ring coatings outperform PTFE in several important factors, such as the coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance. It can make your O-rings perform more effectively in extreme conditions while helping your equipment last longer.
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