Your Guide to Measuring and Re-Sizing O-Rings

A Person measures the diameter of an O-ring

O-rings are crucial components in various industries, serving as reliable seals in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Ensuring their optimal performance is critical to preventing leaks and maintaining efficiency.  In this blog, the team at EZ Coating shares how to measure, stretch, and shrink o-rings.  How to Measure O-Rings Accurate measurement is the first step in […]

Identifying Friction Factors for Your O-Rings

O-Ring on an Engine Part

Friction is one of the main enemies of O-rings. Friction can cause cracks, splits, tears, and wear on rubber, even with the best lubricants and materials. Eventually, O-rings will give out.  The key is to reduce friction as much as possible. As such, we’ll examine friction factors that play into your O-rings. Friction Categories Friction […]