A Guide: What’s the Best Lubricant for O-rings? 

Rubber O-rings stacked together

Coatings and lubricants can increase the life of your O-rings and boost their performance. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best lubricant for your O-rings.  EZ Coating knows choosing a suitable lubricant is crucial for your application’s success.  Finding the Right Lubricant Selecting the appropriate lubricant for […]

5 Keys to O-Ring Preservation in Your Industrial Equipment

O-Rings Stored in an Orange Container

O-rings are vital to your industrial equipment’s operation. Without O-rings, our modern society would literally fall apart when engines, hydraulic systems, or seals break down much more often if they didn’t have O-rings in place.  You’ll still need to preserve O-rings as much as possible, even with world-class O-ring coatings, to make them last as […]