Man’s Fingers Holding O-Ring Near Engine Part

To Coat or Not To Coat… When Should You Invest in O-Ring Coatings?

O-rings are vital to your industrial equipment’s performance. One malfunctioning O-ring can create unwanted downtime, slow your time to market, and create headaches for your maintenance engineers.

Coating them can extend the life of your O-rings and delay or prevent costly breakdowns. Find out when you should invest in O-ring coatings for your equipment.

1. Your Current Performance Isn’t Good Enough

Are your O-rings not performing as advertised? Did your current O-ring provider make a promise it couldn’t keep? 

Coatings can improve the performance of O-rings in several crucial areas:

  • Coefficient of friction
  • Chemical resistance
  • Compression resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • General wear and tear
  • Installation force

2. Bringing New Equipment or Parts Online

You’re modernizing your processes by upgrading your equipment or replacing worn parts with new ones. Now is the perfect time to invest in O-ring coatings to ensure they last longer. Replacing O-rings with coated ones on equipment that’s about to expire doesn’t make sense. But you can get more out of your investment when you start with your brand-new equipment.

3. Starting Up New Test Runs

Are you testing equipment or parts to see how they perform? Is your company manufacturing new parts, products, or equipment that needs O-rings? 

Consider O-ring coatings to improve your staff’s QA test results for the machine’s performance or the end product’s viability. Your O-ring provider can work with your team to give guidance on how these parts should perform during a test run and beyond. 

4. Customers Are Dissatisfied

You never want to hear bad reports from customers. If your sales reps are hearing complaints from customers about how their O-rings don’t come through as they expect, think about having them coated to alleviate concerns about future product releases. 

5. Your Engineers Notice Problems

Engineers and maintenance techs are on the front lines of noticing problems with equipment. If they’re starting to see issues with how hydraulics, brakes, liquid handling, or air handling parts perform, the difficulty might lie with your O-rings. One way to prevent or delay problems can come from using appropriate O-rings coatings if you determine lubrication isn’t the problem.

6. O-Ring Vendors Have Supply Chain Problems

Are your O-ring vendors having supply chain issues? Not only should you order more O-rings, but you should also have them coated so they last longer. You never know when another supply chain issue can cause difficulties with your processes.

Who can supply my company with O-ring surface treatments?

EZ Coating can deliver O-ring coatings that beat PTFE (Teflon) in several important factors, like the coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance, for your industrial equipment, heavy machinery, and manufacturing equipment. 

Contact us for more information or if you need a test sample. We’ll respond within 24 hours.