Minimizing the Risk of Industrial Injuries With O-Ring Coatings

Industrial Pipes and Tractor Parts

Did you know that O-ring coatings can do more than save money by reducing labor costs and downtime with your industrial processes? The right O-ring coatings keep your equipment from leaking, which, in turn, can prevent industrial accidents. We understand that safety begins with a mindset and putting safety first in every task at your […]

5 Common Uses for O-Ring Coatings for Equipment

O-ring for a faucet on someone’s finger

O-rings are everywhere. They are in faucets, medical equipment, cars, and equipment. When they work well, parts move easily, and liquid flows properly. When O-rings break or don’t perform their functions adequately, everything grinds to a halt. Take a look at five common uses for O-rings on various types of equipment. 1. Turbocharged Engines O-rings […]

Hydraulic O-Rings FAQs

Hydraulic pistons in yellow

EZ Coating surface treatment solutions outperform Teflon™ PTFE coating systems for O-ring coatings in several key areas.  In today’s blog, our experts answer frequently asked questions about hydraulic O-rings. What substances are best for hydraulic O-rings? Manufacturers can create O-rings for different purposes. As such, O-rings for hydraulic pistons are made of different materials versus […]