What Are Metal Detectable O-Rings & How Are They Used? 

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Metal-detectable O-rings are a key tool in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and electronics manufacturing. EZ-Coating explains how these parts prevent contamination by metal particles and the industries in which they’re used.  What Are Metal-Detectable O-rings?  A metal-detectable O-ring is a sealing ring commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. These O-rings are […]

What are Food-Grade O-Rings?

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We all expect the food on our plates to be high-quality and safe.  Whether a manufacturer, distributor, or consumer, you rely on the industry to maintain strict standards and regulations. Food-grade o-rings play a pivotal role in this process. In this blog, EZ Coating explains food-grade O-rings and their applications in the food industry. What […]

Understanding O-Ring Coatings for Extreme Environments

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Industrial O-rings must withstand extreme environments in some applications. Oil derricks in the middle of the ocean need O-rings to perform in underwater pressures and temperatures. Aerospace companies need O-rings to stay sealed in an environment where temperatures and pressures can change quickly as engines get hot while the outside conditions are frigid. O-rings for […]

O-Ring Coating FAQs

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EZ Coating surface treatment solutions outperform Teflon™ PTFE coating systems for O-ring coatings in several key areas.  In today’s blog, our experts answer frequently asked questions about O-ring coatings. What substances are best for sealing O-rings? O-rings are made from different types of elastomers that have enough flexibility to work with moving parts and have […]