A Guide: What’s the Best Lubricant for O-rings? 

Rubber O-rings stacked together

Coatings and lubricants can increase the life of your O-rings and boost their performance. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best lubricant for your O-rings.  EZ Coating knows choosing a suitable lubricant is crucial for your application’s success.  Finding the Right Lubricant Selecting the appropriate lubricant for […]

What are Food-Grade O-Rings?

Juices on a conveyor belt in a manufacturing building

We all expect the food on our plates to be high-quality and safe.  Whether a manufacturer, distributor, or consumer, you rely on the industry to maintain strict standards and regulations. Food-grade o-rings play a pivotal role in this process. In this blog, EZ Coating explains food-grade O-rings and their applications in the food industry. What […]

Understanding O-Ring Coatings for Extreme Environments

Industrial Pipes Fitted Together

Industrial O-rings must withstand extreme environments in some applications. Oil derricks in the middle of the ocean need O-rings to perform in underwater pressures and temperatures. Aerospace companies need O-rings to stay sealed in an environment where temperatures and pressures can change quickly as engines get hot while the outside conditions are frigid. O-rings for […]

To Coat or Not To Coat… When Should You Invest in O-Ring Coatings?

Man’s Fingers Holding O-Ring Near Engine Part

O-rings are vital to your industrial equipment’s performance. One malfunctioning O-ring can create unwanted downtime, slow your time to market, and create headaches for your maintenance engineers. Coating them can extend the life of your O-rings and delay or prevent costly breakdowns. Find out when you should invest in O-ring coatings for your equipment. 1. […]